Salesforce economy and career paths

The Salesforce economic impact: 4.2 Million jobs by 2024

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Salesforce is the #1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software on the market, leaving way behind its competitors SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. 

According to a Salesforce White Paper released by IDC back in October 2019, the Salesforce economy is expected to generate 4.2 Million new Jobs and 1.2 Trillion Dollars of new business revenues by 2024 worldwide. This is driven by the increase on spending of public cloud computing services with a growth forecast of 19% per year.

In 2018, Salesforce became the 3rd most in-demand technology skill with 500k new jobs created that year alone. The developed markets are the ones where Salesforce will be more in demand, being these: North America (901,900 jobs), Western Europe (492,900 jobs) and Asia Pacific (799,000 jobs). The industries that will see more opportunities are Finance and Manufacturing

Below you will find the Salesforce roles available that you might find when looking for a job. The first four are technical/functional, and the last four are business related roles.

Salesforce careers:

    1. Salesforce Administrator: Admins own Salesforce at their organizations and work alongside management and stakeholders to streamline processes, enable end users, and deliver actionable insights that drive success for their organizations.
      Top Specialized Skills: Salesforce, Business Analysis, Tableau
    2. Salesforce Developer: Developers utilize proprietary and open-source technologies to expand the functionality of the platform. They automate complex business processes, build custom apps, customize user interfaces, and more.
      Top Specialized Skills: Salesforce, Tableau, Java
    3. Salesforce Architect: Architects manage the integration of Salesforce with other enterprise systems while addressing traditional enterprise concerns such as application and network security and integrity, data management, and scalability.
      Top Specialized Skills: Salesforce, SQL, Oracle
    4. Salesforce Consultant: Consultants work closely with internal IT teams and management, and they assist in defining requirements, integrating the platform with existing infrastructure, customizing the platform, organizing change management, and training end users.
      Top Specialized Skills: Salesforce, Sales, Customer Service
    5. Business Analyst: Analysts identify relevant patterns in large data sets, giving guidance to other teams such as product development, sales, marketing, and strategy.
      Top Specialized Skills: Salesforce, Tableau, SQL
    6. Marketing Careers: Marketers tell the story of a product or a brand to attract customers, using tools/techniques such as social media, automation, e-mail marketing and more.
      Top Specialized Skills: Salesforce, Digital Marketing, Project Management
    7. Sales Careers: Sales Representatives showcase a talent for building relationships with customers and focus on demonstrating how what they sell can further the customers’ goals.
      Top Specialized Skills: Salesforce, Sales Management, Customer Contact
    8. Customer Service Careers: Customer Service is a job family that supports sales and marketing. Like these disciplines, modern customer service means combining communication skills with data management.
      Top Specialized Skills: Salesforce, Customer Contact, Account Management

If you know that you want to start a Salesforce career, The Trainee’s Corner recommends you to take speciliazed training. Below you will find three great e-learning resources to upskill yourself for the future!

Salesforce training: